One of our December fundraisers will be Joe Corbi.  All orders/cash will be collected the weekend of 12/17 at the Games or practices that Sunday. Orders should be ready before Christmas.

Another December Fundraiser will be our Ugly sweater Christmas Party. Flier below has specifics.

The winners from our electronics raffle that were drawn on 1/29/18 were:

1st Place - Evonne Hunt

2nd Place - Keith McKnight

3rd Place - Paula Johnson

4th Place - Trinity Haywood



Our Fundraisers have been a great success! Since July 2016 , we have raised $25,775 from Fundraising!

Thanks to all the BDT family & friends that continuously supports the BALTIMORE DREAM TEAM!!


Our October Fundraiser , Hadley Farms, we raised $400.00.

Our July Fundraiser, The Crab Feast Raffle, we raised $2820.00. The Winner was Cynthia Green, Thailynn's Grandmother(7th Grade Girls). Each parent that sold all their raffles  will receive $70 credited to your Fall/Winter Payment. If you sold less than the 20, you will receive a text with your credit amounts.

Our July fundraiser, we raised $1,325.00 from our Luau Day Party!!

Our April Fundraiser, The Good Friday Soul Food Dinners, we sold 276 dinners,  raising  $3625.98!  After buying food, supplies, etc, each parent, that sold 10+ dinners, will receive $105.00 credited to your April 16th payment.

Our 2nd March fundraiser, the 80's vs 90's Day Party we made $910.00 before paying security and DJ.

Our 1st March Fundraiser, was the March Madness Hoop Fest at the Randallstown Rec Center, we  profited $7,012.00 after all expenses were paid to have the tournament. Each parent that volunteered the requested 4 hours, (actually showed up), will receive $100.00 credited to your March 23rd payment.

Our February Raffle Fundraiser , we raised $4,760.00.  For the 38 parents that participated, out of the raffle money that was collected, each player contributed $35 toward the prizes. Your payment due on March 23rd will be credited by the total you turned in, minus the $35.  For example, if you turned in $125, your credit is $90.00.  Our highest sellers were Dameka's parents from the Girls 7th grade team.  They sold 100 raffle tickets, for a credit $465 !!!

The Raffle winners were:

1st place - 50" TV - Lavin Q. Barnes

2nd place - HP Laptop - Summer Stanton

3rd Place  - Apple Watch - Kimberly Davenport

4th Place - Digital Camera - Randi Delone

Our January Fundraiser, the New Years Shoot-Out Basketball Tournament, we raised $4,995.00. Parents that volunteered the minimum 4 hours received $70 credited to their February Payment.


Our December Fundraiser, the Holiday Party this past Saturday we raised $1,395.00. BDT parents, family & friends had a great time!

Our 2nd December Fundraiser, Joe Corbis/Ms. Fields Treats, we raised $1,411.00  All parents that participated will get their credits for the Spring/Summer player's fee text to them by 12/14.

Our November Fundraiser, the Thanksgiving Classic Basketball Tournament, we raised $5,095.00.  Parents that volunteered the minimum 4 hours received $100 credited to their January payment for the Spring/Summer Fees. 

Our September fundraiser, we raised $1,005.00 from our Black-Out Day Party!!

Our 2nd September fundraiser, we raised $2,360.00 from our Raffle Fundraiser!! Participating parents received
$80 credited to their child's fee.

Our July fundraiser, we raised $1,458.00 from our Luau Day Party!!

Our August fundraiser, we raised $1,924.00 from the Dinner Fundraiser!!! Participating parents received $100 credited to their daughters fee.

BDT Parents rock!!! We're rolling!!! Fundraisers reduce fees!!

Bus leaves from the Randallstown Rec at 7:30 am and leaves NY at 7:30 pm

 BDT Takes NY -  Part II ! Bus Trip!